I created my Picfair account using Facebook or Twitter, how do I create a password?

If you created a Picfair account using Facebook or Twitter, your username and email will be taken from your social media account, but you won’t automatically have a password for your Picfair account.

Creating a password is simple - you just need to log into your Picfair account using the platform you used to create your account, and then go to 'Dashboard'.



Once you’re on your Dashboard, navigate to 'Account Settings > Password' and you will be able to enter a password using the 'New Password' and 'Enter Password Again' panels

Click the 'Update Password' button and you’re all done!




Once you’ve created your password, you’ll be able to sign in to your account using your username OR email, and your password. You’ll also still be able to sign in using the social media channel that you created your account with.

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