What is Picfair’s Advertising Licence?

Picfair’s Advertising Licence allows buyers to license images for advertising and merchandising. As a photographer, the price you set for your images under this licence is multiplied by 10. For example, if you set an image at £10 and it is licensed under the advertising licence, you will get £100.

Photographers can opt their eligible images into the Advertising licence on their Account Settings. Eligible images are those which are currently available under Picfair’s Commercial licence. After opting in, all future Commercial licence images that you upload will also be available under both the Commercial licence and Advertising licence. You can read a full run-down of the licence here.

Buyers can select the licence they want to license an image under at the right-hand side of an image page. Only available licence options will be shown for each image - please note that not all images are available to license under the advertising licence.

Permitted uses:

- Single use or single campaign
- Print advertising
- Out-of-home advertising
- Broadcast advertising
- Display advertising
- Multi-channel advertising
- Merchandising
- Retail product packaging
- One time licence transfer

Not Permitted:

Multiple use

You can always change which licence individual images are available under at any time. Please note that this is only a summary of our Advertising Licence - make sure you read the full licence here.

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