How does Picfair read your IPTC data?

Picfair’s FTP uploader works by reading the metadata you add to your images. Just like the manual uploader, the system is looking for a TITLE, DESCRIPTION and a minimum of 5 x TAGS.


Different programmes (such as Lightroom or Photoshop) will have different names for each of these metadata fields so we’ve made our system as comprehensive as possible to try and recognise as many of these as we can!


We’re always happy to check any images for you to make sure we can see all the info we need, but for those looking for detailed information, here’s how our system looks at your files:


  • We set the TITLE from the following fields (in order): Title, Headline, XPTitle, ObjectName

  • We set the DESCRIPTION from the following attributes (in order): Description, ImageDescription, Caption-Abstract, Title-Abstract, Title, Headline, XPTitle, ObjectName

  • We set the TAGS from the following attributes (in order): Keywords, LastKeywordXMP, Subject


If your IPTC metadata is formatted in a different way, we can easily adjust which fields our system uses to pick up data. If this is the case, or if you use CSV metadata instead of IPTC, simply get in touch at

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