What can I NOT use a Picfair image for?

Picfair images are not currently licensable for:


  1. Paid-for advertising use like billboards or pop-up adverts online. But all other marketing/promotional use is fine!

  2. Re-sale & merchandising: You cannot license an image and then re-sell it. You also can’t use an image on physical product that will be sold many times - for example a t-shirt, or a book cover, or an album sleeve. Usage on an online product that is “paid for” is fine - i.e. within a paid-for app

  3. Obscene/pornographic use

  4. Incorporation into a brand logo. For example: Apple couldn’t use a Picfair image of an apple to replace their current logo, sorry.

  5. Multiple use: a licensed image cannot be used in multiple pieces of content - for example: using an image for your website and a printed brochure would require two separate licenses.


For a full run through, please read the licensee agreement; we’ve tried to make it very easy to understand. 

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