Uploading - A Step by Step Guide

STEP 1. Click on 'UPLOAD' in the header, or go to the upload page here

If you're logged in, this will take you straight to the upload page, if you're not logged in or you're new to the site, this will take you to the Sign In / Sign Up page. You can also navigate to the upload page from your Picfair Dashboard.


STEP 2. Click 'ADD PICS'

Once you're on the upload page, here's where you'll add your images, where you'll also see a reminder of the requirements for uploading:

- Your images must be in JPG format with no personal watermarks or overlaid text
- Computer Generated Images (CGI) are not accepted
- Images must be no larger than 30MB
- Images must have a minimum width of 800px


You can view our image criteria in full here. We also have a blog post here with some visual examples and a guide as to the images we accept on the platform.  




STEP 3. Find the images you want to upload on your device, select single or multiple files and click 'Open'.

Here's where you navigate to where you've saved the images you wish to upload on your device.

You can choose to upload one image at a time, or you can select up to 20 images at a time to add to your upload queue.

Once you have selected your images and clicked 'Open' or 'Choose', they will be added to the upload page.

Please be patient! Large image files can take time to be added to the page, and you'll see its progress as a percentage (%) the at the top of the page. Once the images have been added, you'll be able to proceed to the next step of adding the required information to your images.





STEP 4. Add a price and the required information to your images

Before your images are uploaded to your profile, you need to add a price, title, description and a minimum of 5 tags to your images.

The upload page is the page where you can add all of this information. You can set a price for all the images you're uploading, or price them on an individual basis. You can even see how the price will be shown to buyers, which includes Picfair fees, as you update your prices.

Each field will prompt you for the type of information that is required.

Tip: Each tag needs to be separated by a comma for it to be recognised by the system (eg. tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4, tag5, ). You'll see that a tag has been recognised when it turns blue.

Tags or keywords are one of the key pieces of information that will allow buyers to find your images. Along with the title and caption, the tags are what the search tool will access when trying to deliver the most relevant and high-quality images to buyers.

When adding tags, we ask for a minimum of 5, but you should add as many as necessary to clearly and accurately describe the contents of an image. Eg. For an image of a Hawaiian beach, your tags might be: Hawaii, Waikiki, beach, sand, sun, surf, tropical, people, holiday,. Tags should be mostly single words, although short phrases (eg. no people) will work.




STEP 5. Finishing your images

Images won't be uploaded until you've completed all the required info. There's a progress bar at the top of each image that will tell you whether the image is 'Ready to upload' or what information still needs to be entered. The images are ready for uploading when all the progress bars are green and each image is listed as 'Ready to upload'. 





STEP 6. Authorising and Uploading

Once all your images are finished, the final step is to agree that you're authorised to upload the images in your queue you agreeing to the terms of the Contributor Agreement. You'll find the button at the bottom of the page, and clicking it will complete the upload process and add the images to your profile.





STEP 7. After clicking Upload

After clicking 'Upload', you'll see the notification that your images are uploading. We don't compress your images or change them in any way - so images may take a little time to upload.




STEP 8. Your profile

You're all done!

Once the upload is complete, you'll be redirected to your profile page, where you'll be able to see your recently uploaded images at the top of the page.

Whilst the images are visible on your page and your Store, and to anyone visiting the image URL, they won't appear in search results or be available to license until they've gone through our moderation process (this can take up to one business day but we try to keep this as short as possible). 


We encourage you to share your images and please feel free to get in touch if you're having difficulties or there's anything else we can help with! You can also refer to our Uploading Troubleshooting page.

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