Why should I choose Picfair?

Picfair is the only image licensing platform that lets YOU control the price of your images, and gives you EXACTLY this price when someone licenses it.

You upload your images, name your price, and change it whenever you want - and when someone licenses your image, you get exactly what you ask for. 

We also do all the fiddly stuff. For print orders, we handle everything from the order to production to delivery. For downloads, we manage the licences. 

We’re also a totally open platform: whether you’re an award-winning professional or a talented amateur, anyone can license your images on Picfair and we welcome photographers from anywhere in the world.

Picfair also gives every photographer their own store for their photography, and theirs alone - for free - so your images are available for sale in two places - on our Central Marketplace and also your free Store.

Our photographers also have the chance to enhance their Picfair Store with our additional subscription package Picfair Plus. More on this here.



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