How can I increase my image views?

There are a couple of things we recommend that you can do to help increase views of your images:

1. Ensure your image has as many relevant keyword tags as possible.

Tags or keywords are one of the key pieces of information that will allow buyers to find your images. Along with the title and caption, the tags are what the search tool will access when trying to deliver the most relevant and high-quality images to buyers on the Central Marketplace.

When adding tags, we ask for a minimum of 5, but you should add as many as necessary to clearly and accurately describe the contents of an image. Eg. For an image of a Hawaiian beach, your tags might be: Hawaii, Waikiki, beach, sand, sun, surf, tropical, people, holiday, . Tags should be mostly single words, although short phrases (eg. no people) will work.

We've put together a handy guide to tagging on our Blog, which provides a great overview on how to tag your photos, here.

2. Photographers who promote their images on social media often get more views.

We've made this super easy for you, if you click through to an individual image page on either your store or your profile, you'll see social media sharing buttons above the picture. Of course, you can copy and paste the URLs of your images onto your social media posts if that's easier!

As well as sharing our favourite images on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Picfair also regularly retweets photographers' tweets on Twitter, which means these posts get exposed to our entire audience!

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