How do I share my images, store, or profile on my social media accounts?

Sharing your images, store or profile is something we encourage all photographers to do! We find that a large number of sales come through social media so the more places you can get your images and Store seen the better. We try to share as many images, Stores and profiles as we can through our channels too, and regularly re-tweet photographers to ensure their work gets seen by as many of our followers as we can.


We’ve tried to make sharing as easy as possible by adding a Tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Email button on your store, profile and each of the individual images on your profile and store (you’ll need to be logged in to see these), and remember - you can always copy any URL of your images, store or your profile page into your preferred social platforms.


Please be aware there may be some limitations on how you can use certain social media platforms depending on what type of account you have. For example, Facebook will no longer let you share to a Facebook Business account using Picfair's social share buttons. We try to be as flexible as we can, but please check with the social media platform if it's not working as you'd expect.   


If you’re not already following us, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and we’d love to connect with you there to help share your work!  

Share links on a Picfair profile:

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