Why am I being asked if I’m VAT registered?

Picfair is a UK-based company and for photographers who are both UK residents AND registered for VAT, the price of their images will include this tax.


The price set for images by photographers who are UK-residents and registered for VAT, will INCLUDE VAT. VAT will not be added on top of the price they set for their images.


If this applies to you, you’ll see the VAT element of any sales you make itemised within the sales email notification you’ll receive. It is your responsibility to then report this accordingly.


If you’re a UK resident and NOT registered for VAT, OR you’re a non-UK resident, you can simply answer NO to this question and you won’t be asked again.


If your situation changes and you do become registered for VAT, you can add your VAT number on your ‘Edit Profile’ page, or just send us an email at and we can update it for you.


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