How much does a Picfair image cost?

At Picfair, photographers set their own prices for their images, therefore licence prices vary according to each photographer and how they wish to value their work. Prices start from £1 but the average image costs between £10 - 20 to use with a Personal, Editorial or Commercial licence.


Images purchased through our Advertising Licence are used for more extensive purposes, such as merchandising and retail product packaging, so these will generally be seen at a higher cost than Editorial or Commercial Licence purchases.


With a standard Picfair account, Picfair adds a 20% commission and a small processing fee, but when you license images on Picfair, you’re directly supporting the photographers - they’ll get 100% of the price they’ve asked for!

For Plus subscribers, Picfair's standard commission is removed from sales of digital downloads and prints. Photographers on this plan will still receive 100% of their asking price, and their images will be more affordable for buyers.

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