FTP troubleshooting

We've tried to make our FTP uploader the simplest and fastest in the business, but if you're having trouble seeing your images, we've put together some answers to a few common problems here.


Why can't I see my images on my profile?



  • Have you waited one business day?


Whilst it's often much faster, we aim to get all images up to your profile within one business day of them being uploaded. Sometimes during very busy periods, this may take slightly longer, however, we try to keep this to a minimum.



  • Did your images have the requisite metadata?


All images are required to have a title, caption and a minimum of 5 tags for them to be recognised by our uploader. Please note the way our system handles IPTC metadata, and the required format of CSV metadata files.




If any of your images are missing metadata, our system will transfer them to your manual upload queue - where you can add the missing information and upload them to your profile.

If you'd prefer to add the data in your post-processing programme or update your CSV metadata file, or if you believe all the information should be there, please contact us via and we can clear your manual upload queue or look into it in more detail for you.


Finally, if you've uploaded a very large collection of images (20k+), it could take longer than the standard time to process, but one of our team will have already been in contact with you and can keep you updated.

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