What is Model Release?

A Model Release is a signed agreement from any people who are recognisable within your images, indicating that they have granted you, and your sub-licensees (that’s us!), permission to do whatever you wish with the images in which they are recognisable.

You can download a Model Release template here.

Images that contain recognisable people where you don't have a model release can still be licensed for personal and editorial use, and for prints. However, images with recognisable people cannot be licensed for Commercial or Advertising use.

If you have Model Releases for your images, we don't ask that they be uploaded, only that they're made available on request. If you have a Model Release for all the images that you upload which feature people, we can update a setting on your account which means they will be assigned the Commercial licence by default. Please contact us here if you would us to update this setting on your account.

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