Am I able to control and change the licences assigned to my images?

Yes. When you are on an image page that belongs to you, you’ll be able to change between our Editorial & PersonalCommercial Licence or (if you have opted in) Advertising Licence by clicking the “change” button on the licence panel.


"Change" button:



Changing your licence type:


If you are changing an image from an Editorial & Personal licence to a Commercial Licence or Advertising Licence, you will need to indicate that either:


  1. The image has been incorrectly identified as having recognisable people in it, or
  2. Any recognisable people in the image have given you their permission to be included by signing a model release.



You are also able to change an image with a Commercial Licence to an Editorial & Personal licence by clicking the same button.

If you wish Picfair to perform this action in bulk for all of your images, please email

A full rundown of how buyers can use images according to Picfair Licences can be found here.

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