How are Picfair images sold through our partner network?

If you have images on Picfair that meet certain criteria - including price, category, and our in-house quality ranking metrics - they may be eligible for inclusion in the distribution sets we make available to partner agencies. Before making your images available to partners, we negotiate appropriate minimum prices, and establish whether the images can be licensed for editorial, commercial or advertising use. This way, we can be sure that your images are never used beyond the scope of Picfair’s licences, and we’re always able to pay you at least your asking price for any images sold.


Images are sold through our partner agencies at local market rates - set by the distributor - and only under Rights Managed licences. When our partners report image sales back to us, we pay the contributing photographer the image price they asked for at the time of distribution, and we split any additional revenue with the contributor on a 50/50 basis.

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