How much do I earn if my images are sold through Picfair’s distributor network?

If your images are licensed through our partner network, you always receive the price you asked for on Picfair. If we receive any additional revenue from the distributor on images licensed to their clients, we’ll split this additional revenue with you on a 50/50 basis. Please note, changing your Picfair image asking price may affect eligibility for distribution.


For example, if you set an asking price of £10 for an image, on Picfair it would cost £12.40 for a buyer - £10 asking price + £2 Picfair commission + £0.40 VAT. If a distributor makes £20 for Picfair on this image, there is an excess of £7.80, which we’d split with you on a 50/50 basis. You’d receive £10 asking price + £3.90 half of the excess = £13.90. We’d receive £2 commission + £0.40 VAT + £3.90 half of the excess = £6.30.  

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