How should I format my CSV metadata?

If you’re uploading images via FTP using CSV metadata, we’ll need the CSV file to be correctly formatted to be compatible with our system. The FTP uploader requires four columns, which must be titled as follows (titles are case-sensitive):


  • Filename
  • Title
  • Caption
  • Tags


The data in the ‘Filename’ column must match the filenames of the .jpg or .jpeg images you upload, as this is how our system merges your CSV metadata with the images you upload. You can choose to include or exclude the image file extension (.jpg or .jpeg) within the CSV ‘Filename’ column - our system should recognise either format.


Please ensure your CSV file is in the format .csv - you can easily export .xls or .xlsx files to .csv format using Microsoft Excel or your chosen spreadsheet editor.


Lastly, please note that the system will merge CSV metadata only for images already uploaded to the server; therefore you must upload images first, and then upload the corresponding CSV file containing the image data.


Sample CSV data:

Filename Title Caption Tags
DSC_0761 Glistening Water Droplet A glistening water droplet on a lily leaf glistening,lily,meniscus,radiating,shimmering,water,water droplets
DSC_0762 Life on the Yarra A woman cooking in her shack on the banks of the Yarra River, Australia home,life,yarra river,Victoria,Australia,poor,riverside,shack
DSC_0763 Fraser Island Sunset Fraser Island Sunset grass,beach,Australia,Fraser Island,summer,sunset,nature,water,mountains

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