Should I upgrade to Picfair Plus?

While Picfair is good for those who have a casual interest in selling their photography, Picfair Plus is intended for photographers who want to take it a little more seriously by customising their store and making it more professional and appealing to customers, and fitting with your personal aesthetic. 


The Picfair branding will be removed, resulting in a store that feels like it’s all yours.


You’ll also be able to:

  • Connect your own domain to your store
  • Choose from multiple Store templates
  • Custom image ordering on Store home page
  • Albums within Stores
  • Add your own logo & bio
  • Full-screen slideshow functionality
  • Add social media profiles to your store
  • Remove Picfair branding from your Store
  • Guaranteed access to Picfair's FTP upload server
  • Customise watermarks on your store
  • Enable search on your store
  • Access to Picfair Plus customer service
  • Early access to new features
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