How do I get paid when someone buys an image from my store?

Upon making a sale on your store, you'll receive an email letting you know and inviting you to cash-out your money.

You can also see a record of any sales from the 'sales' section of your account dashboard, here

When advising you of your sale, we'll ask you for either a UK bank account if you wish to be paid via BACS (if you are based in the UK), or if you are based outside of the UK, a PayPal email. If you don’t have access to PayPal in your country please contact us at and we’ll find an alternative.

We don't store this information both to add an extra layer of security and because we find people's payment details may have changed between one payout and the next.

All cash-out requests are made within 30 days of them being received and all payments are made in GBP.

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