How do I set up my own custom domain with my store: Step by Step Guide & Troubleshooting



  • You must be a Picfair Plus user to use your own domain with your Picfair Store. You can upgrade to Picfair Plus here.
  • You must also own your own domain - you cannot purchase a domain from Picfair. You can purchase a domain from any domain registrar.
  • You must have access to edit the DNS records for your domain.  These can usually be found in your domain registrar’s account.
  • Every DNS Provider’s settings look slightly different and may use slightly different terminology to what is used in this guide. Though some wording may be different, the settings you need to change are the same across all DNS Providers.



  1. Go to this page and input your domain. This must be a fully qualified domain nameIn most cases, your fully qualified domain name will be something like ‘’, but it could also be something like ‘’. Then click 'Next'.

  2. You must now create two CNAME records in your DNS Provider settings. Your DNS Provider's FAQs will have instructions on how to create a CNAME record. Use the copy buttons on Picfair to copy and paste the corresponding values into the two new CNAME records in your DNS Provider settings.

    For example, if your domain is, this is what your Picfair settings will show:


And this is what you need to create in your DNS Provider settings (note: this is what 123-Reg's settings looks like - yours may look slightly different or use different terminology)


3. Save the settings. You can then check the status of your domain in Picfair by refreshing the page. It can take up to 48 hours to update, but will usually only take a couple of hours.

4. If all settings are correct, when the status shows a success message, your Picfair Store will now be using your domain!



I've set everything up correctly but it's still not working - why?

Make sure you have no other CNAME entries set up in your DNS Provider settings, because they can interfere. If you do have other CNAME entries set up, delete them and wait for 48 hours to see if it solves the problem.


A Records can also interfere - if you have any unnecessary A Records, try deleting them and waiting for 48 hours to see if it solves the problem.

My domain doesn't work without the 'www.' - why?


Picfair provides a working fully qualified domain name. This means you need the 'www.' (or something else like 'photos.'). You can make it work without the 'www.' by setting up a redirect in your DNS Provider settings, which redirects the URL without the 'www.' to the URL with the 'www.'. You will be able to find instructions on how to set up a redirect in your DNS Provider's FAQs or by contacting their support.


Can I configure a root domain (e.g. "" without the leading "www")?

Only if your DNS provider allows you to create CNAME records for root domains (most DNS providers do not allow this).
DNS providers which support this:
- Cloudflare
- Dnsimple

For other DNS providers, this is currently not possible.


Can I redirect my root domain to my store?

If your Picfair store has the URL: "", and you would like visitors to "" to be directed to your store.

This kind of redirection can be done, but not currently within Picfair.

The options are:

1. Most Domain Registrars / DNS managers allow this. For example:



2. Use a redirect service is a service which allows you to set up redirects


If you are still encountering issues, please contact us here. When contacting us, please include a screenshot of your DNS providers settings page for our technical team to review.

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