Step by Step Guide to setting up your own domain with your Picfair Store


  • You must be a Picfair Plus user to use your own domain with your Picfair Store. You can upgrade to Picfair Plus here.

  • You must also own your own domain - you cannot purchase a domain from Picfair. You can purchase a domain from any domain registrar.

  • You must have access to edit the DNS records for your domain.  These can usually be found in your domain registrar’s account.

Please note: every DNS Provider’s settings look slightly different and may use slightly different terminology to what is used in this guide. Though some wording may be different, the settings you need to change are the same across all DNS Providers. If you are having trouble, do not hesitate to contact us at



  1. Go to while logged into your Picfair Plus account and scroll down to the ‘HOST YOUR STORE ON YOUR OWN DOMAIN’ section.

  2. Input your domain name into the box. This must be a fully qualified domain name (what’s this?). In most cases, your fully qualified domain name will be something like ‘’, but it could also be something like ‘’. Then click ‘Update Settings’.

  3. Create a new CNAME record in your DNS provider (what’s this?) settings by copying and pasting the CNAME generated in your Picfair dashboard into the CNAME destination/target field in your DNS provider settings. You should be able to find instructions on how to do this in your DNS provider’s support pages.

  4. In these settings, you will also have to input a ‘Host Name’. Your host name is everything in the address that comes before your domain. For example, the host name of is ‘www.’

Here is an example of where to input your CNAME and Host name on 123-Reg. These settings look different depending on your DNS Provider, but should look something like this:


5. Save the settings on your DNS provider. You can then check the status of your domain in Picfair by refreshing the page. It can take up to 48 hours to update, but will usually only take a couple of hours.

6. If all settings are correct, when the status shows a success message, your Picfair Store will now be using your domain!

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