Refunds Policy

Picfair Plus membership:

Picfair Plus has a 7 day money-back guarantee should you decide the services are not the right fit for you. Our 7 day money-back guarantee is only applicable to new subscriptions and not auto-renewals.


To cancel a subscription, you'll need to head to the Plus Settings on your Dashboard here and select 'Cancel my Membership'.


Please then contact our support team here with your registered email address and we will arrange a full refund for you. Refunds are processed within 5-10 business days.


Digital Downloads:

Image licensing at Picfair happens in one direct transaction as soon as an image is purchased. When a digital download is ordered, a licence is immediately created, sent to the buyer with the chosen image(s) and the photographer is notified of the sale.


Refunds are not possible once a digital download has been licensed as the buyer can use the image straight away under the licence terms. This process has been designed to be as simple to the buyer and fair to the photographer as possible. Only in exceptional circumstances can we refund a digital download.


Print orders:

All print orders at Picfair are custom made and produced individually. Once a print is ordered, it goes straight into production with our Printing Partner and is specifically designed to fit the size, positioning and cropping preferences selected by the buyer during the ordering process to create a bespoke print every time, and funds are also allocated to the photographer. All orders are subject to a final preview and confirmation by the buyer before any payment is taken.


Refunds are not possible once a print order has been confirmed as we cannot recall an order once in production and the funds are transferred to the photographer.


In the unlikely event that an order is damaged during production or delivery, please email our team here and we will be happy to arrange a solution for you.

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