Picfair Plus: Splash Page Troubleshooting

What is a welcome splash page?


A welcome splash page is a full-screen image that viewers first see when visiting your Store, the splash page appears on the screen for a few seconds and gives visitors an incredible first impression of your photography, and you can also choose to include your logo or name in text to appear in the centre of your splash page.


You can find out more about our requirements and some tips in our blog post here.




Where can I manage my splash page settings?


Your splash page settings can be managed from the ‘Theme and Design’ section of your Store Settings page here


My Splash page advances too fast


We don't currently have the functionality to extend the duration the splash screen appears when your Store is accessed.


To explain a little more about why we've opted for a display of 5-8 seconds before auto-advancing is that the splash page was created as a way for photographers to open their site with a full screen image. Site visitors can also click the splash image as soon as it appears to manually advance to your Store homepage.


Should I include text in my Splash page?


As the splash page is currently set to remain for 5-8 seconds before auto-advancing so it is recommended not to put any personal information on here as it is set to advance quite quickly.


The splash page functionality was created as a way for photographers to open their site with a full screen image, and it wasn't intended to contain text.


As the splash image needs to be responsive to different devices, adding longer text will not transfer well to mobile devices. 


We recommend creating a header bio to go at the top of your Store homepage for more information on your photography and offerings, only using the Splash page function to showcase a specific image. You can add a header bio here.


My logo is too small


When it comes to the size for your logo, for best results we recommend you use a file with a maximum width of 800px OR maximum 120px tall.


We put together a guide to formatting your logo for Picfair Plus, here.


My splash page is loading too slow


Unfortunately, these kinds of loading issues are usually related to the speed and stability of the internet connection at your end. It may be that your internet speed is slightly low resulting in the page not loading fully before auto-advancing.


Please check your internet connection is stable and your device is fully functional, before contacting our support team with your splash page image attached.


Is my splash page responsive to different devices?


We make the image as responsive as we can to different devices/orientations but it will display differently on each as the format of a wide format desktop monitor is very different from a phone in portrait mode.


We recommend using an image where the focal point is central to the composition to make it as adaptable as possible for multiple formats.


The text I’ve added on my splash page extends beyond the sides of the image when I use a portable device


As you've added text to the splash page image itself, we're afraid there isn't a way to make this responsive to different screen sizes independently to the image. Narrowing the text margins would be the only way to resize for mobile devices. 


If you choose to use text as part of the background image, we'd recommend keeping the text short and in a central column which will give it the best chance of displaying well on mobiles, but we can't guarantee how it will display on all devices as display options differ greatly from device to device and this is something, we have no control over. 


Do you have any examples of photographers who use splash pages?


Yes! You can view below some of the photographers who use splash pages creatively. You’ll find these photographers are using their splash pages innovatively to give a powerful introductory impression to their Store!

If you can't find an answer to your problem in this guide or in our blog post, please contact our friendly support team here.

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