What types of images can I upload?

We have an open-door policy and allow photographers from any country, skill level, and background to join Picfair and welcome all styles of images. The only thing we ask is that images uploaded are photographic in the true sense of the word as we value the talent and skill behind the lens above all else!


The only limits we have on image upload sizes and dimensions are as follows:

  • Images must be a minimum of 800 px across (there are no maximum pixel dimensions), and under 30MB in size.

  • All images uploaded to Picfair must be JPEGs (.jpg or .jpeg). We can’t accept images that are saved as other image types save as .tif or .png




All elements of the uploaded image need to be from the user uploading the image. Photographers on Picfair are responsible for the copyright management of the images they upload, in line with our Contributor Agreements here.


When uploading images to Picfair, you must have the full copyright permissions to do so and ensure you can provide evidence of this. You can upload images as the sole owner of the Intellectual Property Rights (as per clause 4.1.1 in our Licence Agreements). 


All copyright claims lie with the user who has uploaded the images, and all infringement claims are the full responsibility of the user.


House Rules:


The following are examples of what we do not accept as we’re a photography platform above all:


  • Digital artwork
  • Illustrations
  • Paintings


Edits and filters 


We welcome photographers to enhance their images using editing apps and software including Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar and VSCO, however ask that the context remains true to the original image. What we mean by this, is that we happily accept images with filters and edits applied that compliment the original image, for example, contrast and exposure enhancements. But we don’t accept images that have been edited to an extent they no longer represent the original photograph, and/or transform the shot into what could be considered a graphic image or digital illustration.


We have this policy in place to help you make more sales – we understand that photography is subjective, however, we know from experience that buyers prefer images that have minimal edits and look as close to the original image taken as possible.

Our policy on edits principally targets composite images or very heavily filtered work where it veers from naturalistic photography significantly. Below you’ll find a more detailed overview of the types of filtered and edited images we do not accept: 


Composite images and collages 


We don’t accept images that have been put together from several parts or elements of other images to form a single composition.




We do not accept images that have filters applied to them that render the image to look non-photographic. What we mean by this, is we do not accept images that, for example, make the image look like a painting or an image that has significant elements to it that aren’t true to life, such as severe colour manipulation.


You can view examples of the types of images we do not accept here.


Overlaid text, date/time stamps, emojis and borders


Any additional text, number, sign, symbol or border that has been added to an image is not currently permitted on Picfair. We aim to provide buyers with a clean image that they can then use for their own campaigns and we find that these may prohibit buyers from using the image for their purpose.


Nudity policy


Picfair is a photography-focused platform and while we merit images with creative and artistic talent, full-frontal nudity or visible male or female genitalia is not accepted on the platform. 


We have a 'safe search' function on the site which means we can accept images with sensitive content, such as boudoir and intimate shots, however, viewers will have to choose to disable our sensitive image filter to view them.


We understand this type of photography can be very subjective, but we try to be as flexible and balanced as we can regarding the subject matter.


As you'll see from our blog, both digital download and print sales lean strongly to more naturalistic work, so our acceptance criteria work hand in hand with trying to increase the sales opportunities for photographers.

If ever in doubt on whether your image is in line with our criteria, please contact our friendly support team here.

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